Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In which Minty is swaddled and falls for a sea captain...

We're currently working our way through a glut of fresh produce.  Our weekly veggie boxes have been positively bursting with fruit and we've been struggling to get through it all before it becomes overripe.  So I've been stewing plums, freezing grapes and making scores of banana muffins and bread.  I've been trying out lots of different recipes - some more successful than others.  These little beauties are chocolate zucchini muffins (you can find the recipe here).  The batter seemed a little dry to me but they turned out well, if a little dense.  

These zucchini and banana muffins on the other hand were a complete disaster.  The batter was far too wet and even after a lengthy time in the oven the middles were still raw while the outside was overcooked.  I should have trusted my instincts and added more flour.  Oh well, you live and learn.

The kids have been sick this week with some kind of virus.  Minty was up most of the night coughing.  She finally succumbed to sleep at about 4am after I swaddled her tightly like a baby and propped her head up on a few pillows.  It is very funny and oddly endearing that even after all these years she still finds swaddling comforting!  I miss the days of popping a tiny sausage wrapped baby to sleep in a cot.  Nowadays the swaddled shape is somewhat bigger!  This is actually a picture of Turi as a baby (all my pictures of baby Minty are stored on a different hard drive and I couldn't be bothered dragging it out) - you get the idea though!

Understandably the kids are a bit overtired today.  They're currently wrapped up in blankets watching The Sound of Music.  Minty is quite enamoured with Captain VonTrapp.  I think she finds the fact that he is a sea captain alluring.  I have to admit I do find Christopher Plummer pretty dreamy in the film!  


  1. Christopher Plummer is dreamy in the Sound of Music.
    Did you know he is Canadian? He was born in Toronto :D

  2. Poor little babies! I hope they feel better soon. My best granny moments are of rocking little swaddled bundles off to sleep - often to the tune of "Old MacDonald' - not a lullaby but the rhythm seems just right for sad babies.

  3. Ah yes, I remember the first time we watched Sound of Music...Year 4 or 5, must have been an end-of-year treat. We were all SO worried if things were going to work out for poor Maria and the kids...and sighing over the love between her and the Captain. :-)

    Oh, and if you'd like a good recipe for a zucchini cake/ muffins (full of sultanas, very nice and moist), am happy to share the family recipe. :-)