Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ever wondered how Turi would look as a girl?

Now you know.  Pretty dang cute.

And to answer your question (because I can of course read your mind), yes we did leave the house like this.  We went supermarket shopping.  And no I did not dress him like this as some kind of whack experiment in pushing gender stereotypes.  We were visiting friends and he 'accidentally' turned on the outdoor shower and soaked his clothes.  These were the only spare change of clothes I had with me, curtesy of Minty's kinder bag.

And before any of my feminist readers (bless you all) are offended by this post… yes, gender stereotypes are mostly stupid.  And yes, everyone should be able to wear pink love heart pants and a frilly cupcake shirt if they want to!


  1. That's kinda freaky- I never thought about how much clothes can make young children look like 'what they are'...
    He makes a very pertty girl! :-)

  2. LOL! He is very cute. The expected clothes for a particular gender change over time anyway: I read somewhere that pink used to be the colour for clothes for little boys and blue was for girls.