Thursday, January 6, 2011

12 drummers drumming...

You have to hand it to the Catholics. Just when we're all feeling a bit down about Christmas being over they chuck us another feast day - the Epiphany. For those of you non-Christian folk this is when we celebrate the three wise men (shall we call them kings?) visiting baby Jesus. We celebrate in traditional English style, taking down all our Christmas decorations and eating twelfth night cake. Twelfth night cake is basically a fruit cake, with a dried bean baked inside. If you find the bean it means you get to be king for the day. I used this recipe, and then totally veered from tradition and stuck a deer and christmas tree on the top because it looked a little bleak (where do I find three kings cake toppers??). According to wikipedia you can also add a host of other items - 'Whoever finds the clove is the villain, the twig, the fool, and the rag, the tart.' I must try this next year, though I'm a bit freaked by the concept of putting a twig in the cake… and a rag may just be taking it a little too far.

I think perhaps Turi may be the most depressed of all of us by the conclusion of the Christmas season. Every morning he has been joyfully bringing me his Santa hat, with an enormous grin on his face, to wear while he eats his breakfast. Now it is packed away he is going to have to find himself a new accessory to wear while he eats his weetbix.

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