Tuesday, January 18, 2011

conversations with Minty

Minty: I want prunes
Me: sorry Minty we haven't got any - we need to go to the shops
Minty [sadly]: but I want prunes… you're just holding out on me


While in a public toilet...

Minty: this is the women's toilet where women come to do wees and poos
Me [trying not to laugh]: yes it is the women's toilet
Minty: and this is the women's toilet paper… but I couldn't use this toilet because I'm not a woman


Whilst carrying a small doll between her legs... 

Minty: look at my baby he's born


Excerpt from the dictionary of Minty 
snapperdile = crocodile

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  1. Turi's photo has to go into his 21st b'day file. Public Loos will never be the same!