Monday, January 24, 2011

Coooooeeee!!! Is there anybody out there???

Nothing turns me off a blog faster than when the creator starts harping on about the blogging process, commenters or stats.  It's a bit like peeking behind the curtain at a magic show and having all the illusions spoiled.  But peeps I've been blogging for almost a year and I think I'm having a mid-blog crisis.  

I was trawling the web and stumbled across a blog post discussing kitchen sponges.  Now I really am a firm believer that you can write about absolutely any topic and make it interesting as long as you approach it with a little flair.  But this post about sponges was completely (pardon the pun) dry - there was no irony, no wit, just a completely bland, long winded and for the most part poorly written instructional piece on how to keep your kitchen hygienic.  And there were 60 comments.  I'm lucky to even get 6 comments on a post.  I'm beginning to wonder if my next post should be about how I clean the toilet.

Anyone who tells you they just blog for themselves is lying.  I mean if it really was just for yourself you wouldn't put it up online would you?  You'd write a private diary and hide it under your mattress or at the back of the freezer.  You're writing a blog because you want other people to read it, and like it.  But here's the thing,  there are hundreds of thousands of other people also writing a blog who also want people to read it.  So even if your blog is amazing it's more than likely nobody will ever find it among the vast sea of other blogs. 

And here is where I'm at right now.  What is the point?  I'm basically a billboard in the middle of the desert blogging to no one.  The content could be life changing but if there is no one but a lone lizard to see it I may as well have kept it to myself.  If I'm honest about it, I want someone to come along and read my blog and be wowed and offer me a book deal, sponsorship, a freebie to review, some commission work, hell I'd even take a meaningless online blog award.  But chances of any of that happening are slim to none.  So perhaps I should just pop to the shops and buy myself a spiral bound journal because then it won't ever have to be faced with the depressing and glaring reality of '0 comments'.

P.S. I just read this back to myself and it sounds like a desperate plea for comments to bolster my fragile ego - uurk - please don't comment!  The desert billboard will likely return to normal posting tomorrow.  I'm off to eat a TimTam.


  1. Keep at it miss Susan!! Your work is very inspiring x

  2. haha, I'm going to comment anyway just to break your 0 comments record. ;)
    Valid points. I have no idea why someone would post about a sponge. But I *am* keen on hearing and seeing how you clean your toilet. (no, not really! :P)

    Blogging is a funny business. What annoys me is how it kinda ends up being like high school with the whole "popular blog/popular group" thing all over and everyone trying to be part of the cool group social circle and hope that the popular blog comes and notices the loner blog and leaves a comment. Ya know? I would rather do my own little thing with a small group of readers than have 5000 followers who leave annoying fake comments. And while I'm at it I can't stand twitter and all the twits blabbing on about their insignificant lives and telling everyone who they're hanging out with and having soooo much fun with. Do we really care?!
    Thanks for letting me vent here. :) You're welcome to come vent at mine whenever you like too. hehe. (except I ate all my chocolate today so you'll have to bring your own!)
    xo MODELmumma

  3. I eagerly look forward to your blog posts to entertain me during the wee hours of the day when hooked up to the mummy milking machine! I love reading all the creative things you do with the kids and dream about when Elodie will be old enough to use some of your ideas. Everyone needs a whinge from time to time :) I personally could do with some new ideas for kitchen sponge hygiene too!

  4. I read your blog every time you post. I've even shown it to people who don't know you. They ooh and ahh at your word wizardry, photographic genius and crafty treats.

    Commenting can be a little high pressure, so if there are no comments, don't worry, your audience is probably just feeling a little shy...keep up the blogging cos I'll be ready to ogle at your latest post, along with many others, I'm sure!

  5. Rosie friended you so she could cyberstalk you after I kept talking about your blog :-) So cheer up Charlie, it could be worse - you could be in Queensland! (O hai Rosie!)

  6. I rely on your blog to cheer me up in the evenings when I'm still chained to the computer. I save it up all day so that there is something lovely to look at when I'm about to reach for the tim tams myself! Take heart - we're all reading - just not as talented at the writing part as you are! No doubt that Mag editor is just about to send you a note now.....

  7. I read your blog all the time. Please don't stop writing it! And it is lovely to see photos of Minty and Turi growing up!

  8. ps I've shared your blog with many people I've worked with in design studios over the past year or so. Your writing/photography/sewing/food is always so fresh, generous & inspiring. And very on-trend! Love your work.

    Plus I LOVE seeing Minty and Turi! :)

  9. Oh please! Many people out there enjoy reading about the exploits of Minty, Turi and yourself. Even people who don't know you. That deal is around the corner!