Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Fresh from reading this post, I decided it was about time I bit the bullet and finally put the kids in together to share a room. Neither of the kids are sleeping particularly well at the moment so frankly I thought it couldn't get any worse. So tonight we dragged Minty's bed into Turi's room and popped them both in for sleepy time. Things appeared to be going remarkably well and after a short 10 minute settling period all was quiet and I shut the door leaving them to it.

I was feeling very optimistic about the whole thing as a sense of peace and calm appeared to descend upon the house. But just as I settled down on the lounge with a copy of 'Monument' magazine an ungodly scream was heard from the bedroom. I ran to investigate and discovered Minty on the floor with blood pouring from her mouth. After a quick survey of the crime scene it would appear that Minty pulled the floor lamp over to Turi's cot and attempted to climb it in order to 'join him'. It seems that some time during the ascent she slipped and smashed her mouth into the edge of the cot. Over an hour, and a lot of tears later I had the two children settled once again… in their own rooms. I think we'll leave our two mountain goats in their own rooms at least for one more night.

These photos are of Minty decorating her own mug. This was a fabulous gift that Minty got for Christmas. The kit came with a mug, special crayons and some black and white pictures that could be transferred onto the mug for colouring. After decorating you can make the image permanent by filling the mug with water and microwaving (afterwards the colours are a lot more vibrant). Mint had lots of fun with this - note the concentrated tongue circling! Thanks Simon and Katya!


  1. oh no!! crazy kids... (the mug kit looks awesome though)

  2. HAHA! When I first moved the 6 month old into the 2 yr old's room, there were a few times I found toddler in bubba's cot laying next to her having a jolly good time. Thankfully no accidents. It took a while to train them though... maybe over a month... but so worth it if you have the patience!
    xo MODELmumma

  3. Re the tongue, some of Grandpa's genes appear in Mint at last! Re the room sharing - surely that was the ultimate lesson in the consequences of rash adventures at bedtime. Why not try it again tonight after a little reflection on 'sleepy time' expectations? Maybe rewards could be offered?

  4. Also, it's so hard to believe that the angel mug-painter is ever less than angelic.