Friday, January 21, 2011

In which there are jazz hands and zucchini muffins...

I'm missing our weekly organic veggie box.  The coop is on holiday during January so we have had to fend for ourselves the last couple of weeks.  Initially it was a novelty.  We ate a bunch of takeout and played at being carnivores.  But the novelty has well and truly worn off and scurvy is a very real threat.  Minty has decided she will only eat vegetables if they are a mushroom or some kind of legume.  I decided it was time to take some drastic action and make some scarily healthy zucchini muffins.  Don't worry I haven't gone all Jessica Seinfeld on you, I told the children what was in them, but somehow all vegetables are more palatable in baked goods.  Everyone gave them the thumbs up, with Minty even coming back for seconds.  I think these might become a regular snack time treat at our house.  These don't have dairy but do have eggs so we can't clock them as vegan.  

A couple of quick recipe notes: we omitted the walnuts and used half canola oil and half pureed apple for the wet ingredients.

No one slept very well last night in the heat so everyone was pretty fried by this afternoon.  I decided to take it easy and we all watched Singin' in the Rain together.  The kids loved it and Turi even got his jazz hands going!  If ever there was a movie that was going to make you want to tap this has got to be it.  Minty donned her tutu and  spent the rest of the day dancing.

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  1. The muffins look delicious! Wish I was there to snack on some :)