Monday, January 17, 2011

In which we discuss floods, haircuts and baby Jesus...

Thanks for all your comments, emails, messages and phone calls about my last post.  To my untrained eye Turi appears to be the picture of health.  I tend to think he probably choked on a sticker or other small object which at some point during the incident was dislodged and swallowed.  It's also possible he cried so hard he stopped breathing, except that he wasn't actually crying very hard and I've seen him get much more worked up on previous occasions with no dramatic breath holding consequences.  I must say if it was breath holding that has to be the ultimate weapon in a negotiation (want another cookie, a turn on the swing, your own pony?  Sure have two so long as you don't cry and pass out!!)  Anyway, we've got a referral for an EEG and an appointment with a neurologist to rule out anything more sinister so I'm planning on putting it all to the back of my mind and trying not to worry about it.

Onto lighter matters…

Much to my horror Minty gave herself a haircut today.  She climbed up to the kitchen bench, found the kitchen scissors and fashioned herself a fringe.  She brought me the freshly trimmed hair, very excited and said, 'look mummy!'.  I exclaimed something to the effect of 'oh no your beautiful curls!!' at which point she collapsed on the floor in the foetal position and began growling like a tiger, devastated that her foray into hairdressing may not have been the grand success she had hoped for.

These photos are of this morning's art activity and were taken pre-haircut.  This is a fantastic kit Minty was given for Christmas in which you get to decorate your own lamp shade.  Minty drew a picture of baby Jesus and his mummy.  It is really interesting watching her drawing skills develop.  It is only recently that she has started drawing primitive faces with eyes, mouths and hair.  It's great to get a peak into her imaginings.  

Sadly I wasn't really paying attention when Minty started to draw and the lamp shade was upside down.  Now baby Jesus and Mary are forced to spend eternity standing on their heads.  

And before I sign off I'd like to draw your attention to the Queensland Flood Relief Auctions.  There are some amazing things up for grabs and it is such a great opportunity to support all those people whose lives have been devastated by the flood.  My picks for the auction are this amazing raffle over at The Red Thread, and this quilt.

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