Monday, January 31, 2011

In which there are girl friends and proper grooming...

Up until now Minty has shown a marked preference for playing with the rough and tumble boys, or as she calls them 'my boys'.  All that changed with the arrival of Aerin.  She has a strong enough personality to hold her own and Minty is smitten.  Periodically Minty announces, 'I love Aerin… do you love Aerin?  …Turi loves Aerin'.  But it's not all love and hugs, like any friendship it has its ups and downs.  Last time Aerin came to play there were some very heated negotiations over who would get to use the pink crockery for lunch (Aerin's and now coincidentally Minty's favourite colour), akin to the struggle over palestine.  Several days later Minty sadly confided in me that 'Aerin snatched the pink chair', having conveniently forgotten that she snatched the pink bowl, spoon and cup.  Mental note: 'lose' all pink items before next play date.

This week the girls are starting 'tiny phoenix creative' dance class together.  The whole thing scares me a little, with the girls required to wear proper ballet shoes, pink leotards, and hair gelled or pinned back in a bun, showing 'pride in appearance'.  According to the studio 'good grooming is part of dance training'. Ok I've been told - now how to pass this information onto the girl who launches a full scale revolt at the mere mention of a hair tie?

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  1. Funny little moppets :) Maybe when Minty sees all the other little girls with their perfect hair she will have a sudden urge to conform? That or it wil soon be obvious that she was never cut out to be a ballerina and you can move on to gym, swimming or martial arts :p