Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In which the hills are alive with the sound of Minty...

vintage dress
My parents are organised hoarders.  Name an item from our childhood and they probably have it neatly packed away somewhere in a box at the top of one of their cupboards.  But recently they have begun to 'declutter' and more and more items are finding their way to the op-shop.  Luckily my mum had the foresight to offer me this little dress before she threw it away.  I can't help but laugh a little when Minty wears it, as she looks like something from The Sound of Music.  But Minty loves it and it certainly made a fashion statement when she wore it to playgroup!  I am tempted to upcycle it into something a little more modern - perhaps remove the bodice and make it into a skirt?  Or perhaps I should emulate my parents and keep it untouched for posterity? 

And because it has been a while, here are some excerpts from the dictionary of Minty…

I think perhaps Minty might have a future as a copy writer.  She has an uncanny ability of making food more magical and therefore infinitely more appetising…

silver syrup =  golden syrup
fairy toast = fairy bread
smiley button = carob button snapped in half (she demonstrated the logic of this by placing the half circle of carob in front of her mouth and grinning to show me how the shapes matched)


  1. i love this color on minty!... it would look amazing as a skirt ;) kat

  2. Its v cute as a dress too though - seems a shame to chop it up. Lil is going to wear a party dress on Sunday - I can't wait! :)

  3. Don't you dare cut that dress up - it is gorgeous (and was mine!). I can't believe mum still had it tucked away.

    Syrup in our house has been re-named "Spirit" eg. Pancakes with Spirit please!

  4. I love the dress as is! Please leave it! The whole point of wearing 'vintage' is not to modernise it.... I know, she's only a kid but she looks too cute in it.
    And yeah, moving to your side of the bay... looking at Warragul. Still a far distance from Cowes though.. xo
    PS- love how Turi's name means Bear.