Sunday, March 6, 2011

In which we visit Kongwak and Minty gets a smack...

The daycare dilemma has reared its ugly head once again.  When I went to pick Minty up on Friday she told me that two of the older girls gave her a smack because she was running around during nap time.  She solemnly told me she doesn't want me to leave her there alone again because she 'missed us all very much'.  Every night since then she has been sadly telling me how worried she is, and that she doesn't want me to leave her alone at 'school' anymore.  She says that she misses Turi and daddy and mummy too much and then looks at me with very big teary eyes.  It is heartbreaking.

Now on the one hand I don't want to teach her that when you encounter a difficult social situation the way to deal with it is by avoiding it and running away.  But on the other hand I did tell her that if she stopped liking 'school' she didn't have to go back.  And frankly I wouldn't want someone to leave me there all day, so how can I expect her to want to?  So I think this might be the end of the road for us with daycare.  Maybe I'm molly coddling her, but nasty girls smacking my baby wasn't really part of the perfect childhood bubble I was hoping to create for her.  Surely there is plenty of time for all of that when she reaches prep?  Thoughts anyone??

Onto lighter matters… 

Today I took the kids to the Kongwak market.  It's mainly bric a brac and vintage things for sale so it wasn't really Minty or Turi's idea of a good time.  If I'd been there on my own I probably would have come home with some vintage sewing patterns but the kids couldn't get out of there fast enough so I didn't really have a chance to browse.  At least it was a nice country drive.  Kongwak is a really pretty little town and we had picnic morning tea watching the cows grazing.  


  1. I think the idea of a perfect childhood bubble is a little delusional - as far as I remember it childhood was rough and tumble and most kids probably give as good as they get. You didn't hear the conversation that some other child had with their mummy about Minty doing something equally naughty. Take the Mints out of childcare if you think its the right thing to do but don't let one incident be the deciding factor - look at all the pros and cons and see which outweighs the other. And in the end Minty will probably be a happy little soul either way, its only one day a week after all :)

  2. Hey Susan.
    Difficult. BUT if YOU don't want her there, then take her out. The issue was with two girls, NOT staff so that at least was a plus. Could you speak to the staff and inform them of what happened and they can tell the parents of those kids? If it's one day a week then it shouldn't be a big deal whatever you decide. Maybe one more try to see if Minty enjoys it more than dislikes it? You'll make the right decision!! :)

  3. Having worked in day care I know it should not pan out that way. Staff should have supervised and dealt with this incident and reported it to you before you had to find out in a heart breaking way through Minty's sadness. Ijust love hearing about the enthusiasm of Minty and her wonderful creative environment you have created for her. It is important to have this same philosophy from the daycare. As it seems Minty probably doesn't like nap time and it is a sore point with most 'big' kids, maybe half days where nap time is avoided. Also, as she misses you all so much, would it be an option for Turi to attend with her? As a teacher now I cringe to think Minty is getting a bad impression of 'school' I would simply adore to have such a beautiful, free thinking, spirited and creative child like 'the Mint' in my class. Love to you for being so nurturing.