Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In which there are aliens, a girly skirt and a bird dissection...

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On Sunday we went to my nephew's 6 year old space themed birthday party.  The kids had a great time playing pass the parcel, making alien headbands, launching space rockets and eating luridly coloured alien cake.  I was shocked by how grown up all the kids looked.  I don't remember 6 year olds being so tall - I guess it's all about perspective and compared to little Turi they are like giants.

(Sorry there aren't more photos of the party here but most of the shots I took had other people's kids in them and you know the whole privacy issue blah blah)

The night before the party Minty asked me to make a 'twirly-whirly-girly' skirt for her to wear.  It wasn't exactly the task I had planned for Saturday but I am trying to encourage her enthusiasm for handmade clothes.  I'm well aware that soon enough she will probably think anything I make is very uncool.  The skirt was inspired by this little thula thula number that I sadly didn't win.  The skirt is made with soft dreamy voile cotton, and is lined with a pink underskirt.  It has a flat front waist, with an elastic back for easy wearability.  I've finished it with french seams so it will endure the regular washes and active play that comes with toddler wear.  It's exciting to finally be reaching a point in my sewing where I don't have to rely on other people's patterns all the time.  I'm really happy with the finish on this and all up the materials only cost about $10 so I think I might make Minty another couple for winter.  I think it will look really sweet with some cream cable knit tights.

I took Minty and Turi to Silverleaves to get a few better shots of the skirt but was quickly reminded why I rarely try and take posed photos of my kids.  While I had my back turned Turi managed to dissect a wing from the carcass of a dead bird and by the time I turned back around was wielding the feathered appendage about like a sword.  It was clear neither of the kids had any interest in cooperating with my plans.  After a few more failed attempts at directing the children into a photographable location I gave up and we went home.  The handful of shots I did take were some of the worst I've taken in a long time.  Lesson learned - unplanned photos taken during the course of a normal day are infinitely more successful!

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The bird dissector is wearing a deceptively sweet hand knit vest from his granny!

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