Thursday, March 3, 2011

In which we peek under the sea and see First Love...

Yesterday we went back to the big smoke and took the kids to the aquarium (or the 'maquarium' as Minty fondly refers to it).  It was a fun day out, though I did feel a little sorry for the penguins who really didn't look like they belonged in captivity (like the zoo scene in Happy Feet brought to life, minus the tap dancing).  Also, whoever is behind installing a room of coin operated arcade machines and rides near the exit should be shot.  Isn't it enough that we have to navigate our overstimulated children through the gift shop on the way out without adding another dimension to the horror?

Note: today's photos were taken by the Mr. (except of course for the one he's in - he's clever but not that clever!)

In the evening we went to see First Love.  I hadn't been to the cinema in about 2 years so this was a bit of a treat, and to make it even more special, Claire, the film's director is a friend of ours.  I can't tell you how inspiring it is to meet someone who is living their dream.  I'm sure when Claire first told people she wanted to make movies about surfing there were plenty of people who thought it would never really happen.  And yet here she is at age 24, with her first full length feature film being released at village cinemas around the country.  If you haven't already seen it, I'd really encourage you to check it out - it's a really enjoyable film even for those of us who are not surfing obsessed!

First Love The Film - Trailer from First Love on Vimeo.

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