Saturday, March 12, 2011

In which I fall in love and ask for your help...

I took the kids to the Cowes night market tonight for an ice-cream and while we were there I fell in love… with Thula Thula.  I think I must have been living under a rock because Naomi the designer of these gorgeous kids clothes lives virtually around the corner (in Wonthaggi) and somehow I haven't heard about her until now.  So I'm asking you for a favour - please head over to the book of faces and 'like' Thula Thula, then leave a comment saying I referred you.  If I refer enough people I could win a $60 voucher… and then I could buy this dreamy skirt for Minty, or maybe put it towards a little winter coat for her.  I realise it is probably tacky using the blog like this to try and get you to help me win a competition, but sue me I really want to win!


  1. I would if I could but I'm not on the ol'FB... gave it up this year... sorry! Hope you win... or at least find similar fabric to make your own for Minty because you are an AWESOME sewer... you should give it a go yourself first. Or don't you have any generous grandparents? teehee

  2. Naomi here, thank you for your lovely mention, just saw quiet a few mentioned on facebook for your referal!
    This skirt iss one of my dreamy favourites....I'll stop by now and keep up with your blog. Good luck....and wasn't the market a perfect night, my kids loved the beach!