Tuesday, March 8, 2011

shrove tuesday...

Pancake day today - one of my favourite days of the year!  Sadly it also marks the beginning of lent, 40 days of abstinence.  This year I am planning to give up TV.  No I don't mean that I will give up watching TV (are you people crazy??), I mean that I am not going to let the kids watch TV.  Those of you who are parents will know that this is a bigger sacrifice for me than for the kids.  Turi doesn't even really like TV, and though Minty often asks (read nags) to watch something in reality she would rather go to the park or spend time painting.  I think I'll still let them watch one movie a week, because I'm not sure I can go all week without some alone time - I'm not a saint after all.  It's going to be a long few weeks… I'll let you know how it goes.

Today's pictures are a peek at some photos I took for a friend last week.  This is little baby Maggie and her big brother Thomas.  Very sweet little kids and good fun to photograph!


  1. oh susan they look great. thankyou cant wait to see the rest of them. xoxoxo

  2. Are you a baby photographer now? You do seem to have a real knack for it - please come do Lillian, she could do with a few more good photos! :)

  3. Clever Sus! Beautiful photos - & beautiful children too!