Monday, March 7, 2011

In which I give you a peek at our walls and Turi is starving...

You might remember back when I decided to paint my bedroom navy blue.  You'd be forgiven for thinking we never actually went through with it seeing as I never posted any photos.  Truth is after we had stripped all the wallpaper and finished the painting I was totally over the project and never went any further.  I got busy, life got in the way.  So we're still using our mismatching doona cover, there are no pictures on the walls and the only decorations are the toys the kids drag in there and our clothes that they constantly pull off our open shelving (which I had intended to replace) and strew around the room.

On the up side, I love the new colour.  It is warm and inviting and makes the room a lovely place to sleep.  Plus it is really fun to photograph in there - really switches things up.  One day I will get around to 'dressing' the room, but in the mean time we will just try to enjoy the space in all its unfinished glory.

All these pictures were taken in our bed (very early) this morning.  In case you're wondering, Turi is flipping out because he wants another piece of toast.

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