Monday, June 6, 2011

Conversations with Minty

While attempting to bash out a loaf of bread that was stuck in the tin…

Me [muttering]: stupid loaf
Minty: that's not a stupid loaf.  It's nice.  It's a happy loaf.  That's why I've named it bread.


While passing McDonalds

Minty: are we going to a cafe?
Me [distracted]: um… yeah.
Minty [incredulous]: this isn't a cafe!!  This is a chip market!  I don't want to go to a chip market!  I want to go to a cafe with real food.  I don't like chip markets.

Musings of a 21st century child…

Minty: Can you tell me about incy wincy's website?


  1. Good to see she's already recognising Maccas as not being 'real' food! ;-)

  2. LOL! Oh those are classic... chip market eh?
    Everytime we drive past the Maccas in town, 3 yr old wants to stop there to play on the playground but I have to say "oh no, we dont go there... " ... next time i'll tell her it's a chip market and we dont need chips. :P

    (blogger won't let me post as me, it does anonymous even when i'm signed in! if you could change your comments to be a pop up and not embedded below then others wont have that prob either.... if you can be bothered that is! haha... I couldn't find any other reason as to why it doesnt let me sign in under my profile.)
    stooopid blogger.

  3. i love your conversations with minty : )

  4. A loaf named 'bread' is really classic Minty! I love her observations on life.