Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In which Minty is dumped and Turi hangs out in the john...

don't worry it's just face paint!

Do you remember Minty's 'boyfriend'?  Well she recently experienced whatever the three-year-old equivalent is of being dumped.  A new kid arrived at playgroup a few weeks ago and the group dynamics changed.  Suddenly it was supremely uncool to be friends with a girl and now instead of kissing and cuddling, the boys spend their time roaring in Minty's face and pushing her over.  Minty is fairly shell shocked and can't understand why her old friend no longer likes her.  It's sort of tragic to watch and impossible to explain to her why kids are cruel (I suspect it's inappropriate to say ' it's nothing personal, sometimes boys can just be assholes!')

So now I have the task of trying to distract her by finding new friends for her to play with.  I feel like some kind of booking agent or pimp, soliciting phone numbers from other parents and trying to set up 'play dates'.  My natural state is one of complete introversion and I would probably rather poke myself in the eye than try and make a new friend.  But much like wiping up poo and snotty noses, I find myself performing this unpleasant task for the good of the children.  Minty is a social animal and one of the first things she asks me in the morning is, 'who is coming over today?', followed by the announcement, 'I want friends!'.  I can't wait for the age when I am no longer required as an intermediary.  Here's hoping I can deliver the goods.  Anyone want to come over for a play date?


  1. aw, poor minty!! if we lived closer, we'd be over in a flash. mae would LOVE minty!

  2. That's such a sad story. And I thought he was so cute...fooled! I hope Minty meets some new play friends soon. Nice ones.