Monday, June 20, 2011

In which everyone wants a liberty pillow...

I got a chance to do a spot of sewing this weekend and made this sweet little baby oobee sleep set.  I was lucky enough to win the pattern from Leslie over at onegirl designs.  In case you can't see from the pictures, the little oobee has it's own quilt, pillow and drawstring bag to carry it all in.

These would make fantastic presents for the little people in your life.  It's the kind of thing you can easily whip up as a last minute gift for a kid's birthday party or during that pre-Christmas sewing crunch.  

Leslie also sent me one of her fabric packs which includes all the specialty fabric you need like the hemp/cotton fleece for the oobee body.  It is seriously snuggly!  I made the quilt with some of the precious fabric I brought back from Japan, the bag is Amy Butler and the pillow is made from a scrap of liberty (because every oobee deserves a little luxury!)

Minty has been having great fun tucking her oobee into bed.  I suspect I should have made two, as Turi is smitten.  He keeps trying to steal the pillow to snuggle his head on, and seems oblivious to the fact it is miniature sized.  I can't say I blame him, I want a liberty pillow too!

Thanks Leslie!!


  1. I love the oobee - perfect for really little people because it's so soft as well as cute. Fabrics are just beautiful - tastefully pink? Turi needs his own I think!

  2. soooooo cute!! love the fabrics you chose. mind if i show off your talents on my blog?