Friday, June 17, 2011

bag of beans...

I finally got around to making a second bean bag this week (first one posted here).  It was long overdue, as the number of brawls and tantrums caused by only having one was becoming ridiculous.  I think if I hadn't come up with a second one soon there was a danger that someone would loose an eye… or a tooth… or both.  This one is made with Heather Ross owl and the pussycat fabric which I love.  
Sorry for the abysmal photos (the kids really weren't cooperating and my lounge room is currently very brown and not at all photogenic).


  1. Oh, great design- a beanbag you can perch on rather than sink into! :-)

  2. the bag is somewhat overfull at the moment! But they squash down so fast I didn't want to have to refill it!

  3. Good thinking- refills = still finding little styrofoam balls many weeks later...

  4. Your sewing inspires me. I've had this urge to get my sewing machine out of it's hidey hole in the cupboard and start sewing again. Maybe when all the "fun" calms down?

    I didn't know you read my blog! I was quite thrilled to get your note. My son, my dog and I were in Cowes a few weeks ago and had a wander on the beach near the Yacht Club. I thought of you.