Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In which I maim myself with the bread knife and finally get around to a spot of sewing...

tooth pillowhand made felt tooth pillow
tooth pillowtooth pillow

Sliced my finger while trying to eek the last slice from the heel end of the bread loaf this afternoon, so am minimising typing with a short post today.  This is a little tooth pillow I made for my nephew who has just started loosing his teeth.  The mouth is a little pocket to be used for the all crucial tooth/money exchange.  I used this tutorial but instead of cutting a hole in the back to turn it out, I just left a gap in the side seam and stitched it up at the end (just a bit neater I think).  I'm pretty sure Minty is hoping her teeth will fall out prematurely so she can have one too!


  1. Cute! Nicer than the one in the tutorial- its button eyes are creepy.
    (Oh, and love the little Peter Rabbit in the background there...)
    And you have my sympathies on the finger-slice. Seems to run in the (extended) family...

  2. Ouch for your finger. :(
    And yes, your tooth fairy is so much cuter than the tutorial... no silly tutu.

  3. Minty is too cute! What a gorgeous girl.

  4. This is sooooo much fancier than I'd imagined! Your timing is impeccable - loose tooth number 2 is just about to drop. xox