Saturday, June 25, 2011

In which Turi exhibits cat like behaviour...

We bought the kids a fish.  Even though I sort of hate fish.  The kids are very excited.  They are having trouble concentrating at meal times since the fish bowl sits in the middle of our dinning table.  They spend all their time standing on their chairs, pointing and chanting, 'fish, fish!'.  Minty has named it Boomda, because apparently this is the sound lightning makes.

I am beginning to think the term 'gold' fish refers not to colour but to the amount of money one of these things costs.  Naively I thought I could just buy the fish and bung it in a bowl of water.  I didn't factor in the 'water conditioner', 'ammonia and chlorine eliminator block', the stones for the bottom of the bowl, the fish food and the bowl itself.  Nearly $80 later, this would want to be one amazing fish!  (Complaining about the cost of a pet makes me feel very grown up!)

Sadly the fish doesn't seem to like it very much at our house.  This may have something to do with Turi darting his hand into the water and trying to catch the fish, moments after it was placed in its new bowl.  The fish spends most of the day sitting motionless at the bottom of the bowl.  I suspect it's in shock.

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  1. Good luck with your new addition! :-)
    ...though be aware that fishies don't tend to do well in round bowls, due to the lack of surface area for oxygen...a rectangular tank is best, with a small aerator pump (at least they're quite cheap compared to the real filter pumps). You're welcome to ours, if there were some way to get it all to you! We stopped keeping goldfish a while ago, so have tanks, filters, pumps, gravel etc galore...